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A Fishy Situation


Coriandre Lawrence


Yet again another anti- crime task force has been formed to alleviate the escalating levels of crime that has knocked Jamaica in the knees, leaving us to cry while faced down in grueling dirt of despair. Well, this time around the highly suggestive and metaphoric name that is given to this of group of supposedly highly intellectual crime fighters is “OPERATION KINGFISH”. The combination of brain plus brawn will hopefully give this new task force the advantage they need to stop the most villainous hoodlums and intercept the most complex and intricate of organized crimes in Jamaica.

Organized crime is the root of most, if not all the major crimes in Jamaica. And with the crime syndicates being more developed and having more ingenious methods to perform these acts, the “King Fish” is needed. But let’s hope that there are no bloodthirsty sharks (crime dons) in the sea waiting to sabotage any crime-fighting plan. Other players could be out there waiting to catch the fish and put it  in a pot for frying. Even worse, let’s hope that ego doesn’t get in the King Fish’s head allowing him to eat all the small fish(innocent bystanders) that are just merrily passing by.

Now I don’t mean to sound pessimistic as I only have the best wishes for this new and much needed crime-stopping project! However, there are a few questions that I must ask.

Will the Kingfish capture the real Big Fish and put him to justice! Another nagging thought is; The Kingfish has seen what has happened in the past; are the necessary steps being taken to prevent the same mistakes repeating themselves?

If Operation Kingfish will only catch the “ticky, ticky”(small fry) then it makes no sense for us to go swimming because we will eventually be eaten by our own Kingfish (police)or the real Kingfish. Either way let us not be doomed by default, or there will be catastrophic results!

Lets give as much support as we can to better our country, because every say counts. Supporting something that is just will only result in a just reward. Let us be a “school of fish” to the betterment of our nation.